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At our core, the SPEAQUA team is a tight-knit crew of surfers. We are a unique collection, having come to San Diego from Hawaii, New York, Brazil, and New Zealand. We have been drawn together through a common appreciation for worldly travel and love for the ocean. Through exploration, whether it be a new surf spot or culture, we continuously discover our greatest stimulation. The new people we meet, the new places we see, the new sounds we hear— these are the ingredients for our inspiration and brand.

We believe music simply makes ordinary things better. Whether you’re starting your day off singing in the shower, or getting frothed out to “that” song before a surf -- Music has the ability to make you feel. We want our products to bring a bit more of “that feeling” into your life.

SPEAQUA products are driven by the creativity and potential of the human imagination - valuing the ability and possibility to endure your active lifestyle. We create for those who think like us; those who explore the impossible and truly appreciate the little things. At the end of the day, it is the little things that make all the difference and the possibilities that motivate us to push the limits of our products.

We believe in the beauty of human interaction because we all have something we can learn from someone else. Everyone has a story, and something unique. In our case, we use that mindset to our advantage in manufacturing quality consumer electronics. Our CEO has over 30 years of owning, operating, and collaborating with high tech electronic manufacturing facilities throughout the US, Asia, and Latin America. These deep-rooted relations have allowed us to perfect and maintain efficient production and the upmost in quality.

We like to believe that we can pass this accumulated experience and efficiency to the public, through affordability and functionality, aka high quality products for a low price. We hope you want our products because you genuinely think they are worth it! Go ahead- pick one of our products up, try it out, and know it is worth every cent spent!

The goal here is to stick to our humble roots. We like to think you are all a part of the SPEAQUA “good vibe tribe”, each being an ambassador for the brand, and living your lives alongside the simple values we promote and live by. We are all citizens of the same planet, and we have come to find that music has the ability to transcend the barriers of language and culture. We believe in evoking happiness in others and actively caring for our environment. Take pride in your local communities and make and effort to leave the earth a better place for generations to come. Pick up the next piece of trash you see on the beach, and have a smile on while doing it. No matter whom you are or what you do, we hope we can be a positive impact on your life, if not your daily jam sesh.

In the end, you’re all good kids (we don’t care what the rest say),

Do your part!

Speaqua Sound Co.

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